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National News


Richard Thomas is accused of stealing $13K in campaign funds to pay off personal expenses

Republican candidate calls the governor’s celebration the ‘Cuomo Corruption Tour’

RECAP Manager: ‘We try to give them the confidence that you can get out there in the working world’

Hastings-on-Hudson resident: ‘That place is for troubled youth, so it doesn't surprise me’

Resident: ‘I don't understand they've been there for probably 100 plus years’

Thomas Decaro was held captive for 2 and a half years after his B-17 Bomber was shot down

The National Hurricane Center's best guess was that Florence would blow ashore as early as Friday afternoon around the North Carolina-South Carolina line, then push its rainy way westward with a potential for catastrophic inland flooding

Medical examiner has ruled Gabriella Boyd death a homicide; cause of death is still unclear

The money will be used to educate youth about abuse & bullying, give them strategies to combat them

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