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National News


Law enforcement officers, other government employees will work without pay until the federal government reopens

The shutdown comes on the anniversary of Trump's inauguration

Officials instruct visitors to contact the Statue Cruises company for ticket refunds

Last-minute negotiations crumbled, causing the 4th government shutdown in a quarter century

Lawmakers play the blame game as talks over immigration stall

The Seattle-based company set off fierce competition last fall when it announced that it was looking for a second home, promising 50K jobs and construction spending of more than $5B

Concerns come after President Trump tweeted that a deal is ‘probably dead’

FiOS1 News’ Christine Sloan speaks to comic and show executive producer Pete Holmes

FiOS1 News’ Christine Sloan speaks with stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Thomas Haden Church

A Salvadoran woman who has worked, lived on Long Island for decades worries that she'll be separated from her kids

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