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“What is clear is he was a person filled with hatred,” president says of the alleged shooter

Omar Mateen of Port St. Lucie, Fla., is gunman in mass shooting at Pulse that is being investigated as terrorism, officials say

Bernie Sanders meets with POTUS and pledges to help in fight against Donald Trump

FiOS1 News speaks to boxing trainer in White Plains

Heavyweight champion was a furious and loud fighter whose influence was felt far beyond the ring

Questions were raised on how much money presumptive GOP nominee said was collected

Men who have been infected with virus can pass it to pregnant partners during sex

At stake is $175 billion the government is paying over a decade to reimburse health insurers for reducing co-payments for lower-income people

Trump: 'We're going to bring jobs back from Mexico and all these places that have ripped us off; don't worry about it.'

Presidential hopefuls exchange verbal blows during last debate before NY Primary



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