FiOS1 News talks to teacher dedicated to furthering connection between music and academic and social development

Nonprofit says ‘Heeling Autism’ will only be offered in schools this fall

Portion of tuition proceeds go to non-profit Operation Prom, which donates dresses and tuxedos to students in need

Group arrived onto the Kruckers campgrounds with a police escort and got to enjoy a stress-free day of gifts, entertainment and fun

In the aftermath of Dallas, religion is playing a role in the healing process

Family of Raymond Vandenberg, who passed away from heart attack, pushed for elevation

Event comes after deaths of 2 black men by police and shootings of 5 Dallas officers by sniper

The building was severely damaged by a fire over a decade ago

More than 20,000 were watching at the Waterfront Fourth of July celebration

Jordan, 22, worked as a TV reporter in South Carolina and died in the crash 6 months ago



Nyack, New York
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