Crime & Courts

Crime & Courts


Preston Thomas holds previous felonious record

Rosa Ramirez, 27, is facing a charge of 2nd-degree murder

Zinah Brown is facing half a dozen charges related to the death of Valaree Schwab

Since the origin of the plan led by ICE, there has been a decline in MS-13-related crimes

Zinah Brown, 17, was indicted on 2nd-degree murder charges for the death of Valaree Schwab

Gillian Jeffords, 24, has been charged with criminal possession of a weapon

State AG: Victims charged weekly loan rates averaging over 200 annually; they paid defendants or dropped off cash at 2 New Rochelle restaurants

Attendees said they wanted to see a ban on bump stocks and that special interest groups are preventing new gun laws from being passed

Percoco's lawyer, Barry Bohrer, says there was ‘inconsistency in the verdict’ and he will explore appeal options

Richard Thomas is expected to give his State of the City address



Nyack, New York
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