Crime & Courts

Crime & Courts


Family says Ruben Torres, 18, went into cardiac arrest after suffering head trauma

Yonkers police say they had targeted 29 people in an ongoing investigation into drug dealing in the city

Yonkers native shot multiple times in a Burger King parking lot in September 2015

Officials say defendants stole $240K in welfare, food stamps after falsifying forms

Suffern police say Darwin Vasquez went to woman’s apartment, climbed through bathroom window to get inside

Jason ‘Jace’ Alexander will not go to prison, is allowed to live with his children but is prohibited from contact with other minors

Police say this is not the Stony Point resident’s first run-in with law enforcement

On Jan. 6, students allegedly slashed bus tires, shattered bus windows and discharged fire extinguishers

Michael Nolan’s mom placed son’s jersey over empty seat in courtroom

Authorities are investigating after businesses targeted in Nyack, Stony Point and Piedmont

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