Crime & Courts

Crime & Courts


Michael Sullivan’s lawsuit comes after new charges accuse him of unlawful surveillance

Trio allegedly made the climb early Monday to take photographs

Christopher Schraufnagel’s plea deal would give him probation instead of jail time

Founders of ‘Arts on Third’ file suit against city, claim officials are violating copyright law

John Darling, 18, and Kevin Dyckman, 17, could face 4 years in jail for alleged crime

Tiffany Heitkamp's Law makes judges consider prior offenses for sentencing

Mother of victim: ‘Part of me died the day I found out you violated my child’

Almost 100 residents were removed from the privately run facility that is facing legal action over similar incident

Maurice Malin accused of running a pill mill that raked in over $6M since 2014

Investigation would look into whether more could have been done to prevent baby girl’s death

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