Crime & Courts

Crime & Courts


Prosecutors described Lisa Percoco's job at a energy company as a 'low show job' where she was given $7,500 a month, while working no more than 15 hours each month

Police say that Jonathan Maldonado, 21, died of cardiac arrest

A $20,000 check was written to his wife for ‘labor assistance,’ according to officials

Medics transport victim to local hospital, pronounce him dead

James Pyle, 70, has taught at Parsons Memorial Elementary for decades

Though he never confirmed a possible 2020 bid, he is focused on securing a 3rd term as governor

3 teens were stabbed — one fatally — in 8 days

In 2016, Joseph Percoco informed Gov. Cuomo about the raid while the search was in progress

The city holds school town hall after multiple school stabbings

Judge waits to set trial date as government decides whether to seek death penalty for Sayfullo Saipov, prosecutors say

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