Martin Luther King Multi-Purpose Center thought they were getting $82K from the village, but found out otherwise

9 students have their moment to shine walking across the stage

'It's a global event ... to introduce people to the skills and beauty of water'

The money is part of Gov. Cuomo's $2B 'Smart School Bond Act' passed in 2014

District weights its options after 5th graders submit petition calling for elimination of homework

The students were unable to attend Sunday's graduation due to the holiday of Shavuot

The organization partners with 9 colleges and universities to help roughly 600 students in 6 different correctional facilities get their degrees

Teachers tried to navigate money, work, and transportation problems in order to bring attention to poverty and other issues students may have at home

Poll reveals majority students want to keep their class times the same

District believes that later start times and more sleep will lead to better academic performance.



Nyack, New York
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