Portion of tuition proceeds go to non-profit Operation Prom, which donates dresses and tuxedos to students in need

School board members will also need to submit the entire budget to the state education commissioner for approval

Bill bans the use of elephants in any performances or circuses held within state borders

High school students will be given job experience in over 50 sites across the city

Spending plan will cut 52 jobs, mostly in district’s library services

Deborah Wortham says she is looking forward to bringing back programs to students

Grant will go toward restoring full day kindergarten and creating art and music programs for students

First female presidential nominee motivates women across the Hudson Valley

‘It's an opportunity to deal with or resolve the longtime concerns of our students,” Dr. Deborah Wortham said

Deborah Wortham began to oversee schools on provisional basis back in November



Nyack, New York
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