Price would be cut down to nearly half the cost for those attending SUNY and CUNY schools

Christopher Schraufnagel was given probation with sex offender conditions after admitting to sexual contact with students

Program expanded to full day; officials hope to make it available to every eligible child in the city

If drivers don’t stop for school buses with flashing lights, it's $250 fine and 5 points on driver's license for first offense

Parents say school is amazing place where educators cater to their children's medical conditions

Village has been asking for a reduced school zone speed limit around both Mamaroneck High School and Hommocks Middle School

Students' improvements over the past two years surpassed statewide score improvements

Medical expert says children catching plenty of Z’s ensures success throughout the day

Tech expert David Weissmann gives FiOS1 the scoop on new devices for kids, teens

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