‘He was a great son of Queens, with a genuine joy for life’

Obama says he plans to fulfill his constitutional responsibility and nominate a successor to fill the vacancy

Senators Jeff Klein and David Carlucci say money would also help schools keep programs

Front-runners take to the stand to discuss healthcare, minimum wage and foreign affairs

Up next are primaries in Nevada and South Carolina

'If you're not going to vote for me do not vote,' Trump announced at recent rally

Iowa Democratic Party says the race was the closest in its caucus history

Cruz modeled his campaign after past Iowa winners, visiting all of the state's 99 counties and courting influential evangelical, conservative leaders

City mayor Thomas Roach, Rep. Nita Lowey among those in attendance at fundraising event hosted by ‘Westchester For Hillary’

More than two hours of prime-time argument presented voters with a sharp contrast to the optimistic vision of America that President Barack Obama painted in his State of the Union address



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