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Democrat Shelley Mayer wins Special Election for 37th District in NY Senate



Bannon had helped Trump form a coalition of anti-establishment Republicans, blue-collar working class and economic nationalists that launched him to the White House

Governor pledges to sue Washington for Republican tax overhaul in state of the state address

Democratic leader says he’ll request state comptroller conduct fiscal review of the county

Reaction: Anger, Resignations, Lawsuits

Bill O’Reilly and Richard Brodsky share their insights

Rep. Sean Maloney introduces new bill to protect students traveling abroad

President Donald Trump promises to work with Democrats next year, starting with shoring up the nation's crumbling roads and bridges

Senate passes bill to keep government running through Jan. 19

The new budget includes a 2 percent property sales tax increase

Lawmakers will return in January facing challenges on immigration, the federal budget, health care and national security along with legislation to increase the government's authority to borrow money

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