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Teens plant Dobbs Ferry garden to feed disaster-stricken countries

Vegetables, fruit will be donated to those in need before winter begins


To commemorate 9/11, the residents and staff of Saint Christopher’s in Dobbs Ferry planted an edible garden for those who are food insecure, dedicating the space to those who lost their lives 16 years ago.

Local teens with emotional, behavioral and learning disabilities created the garden with those struggling to survive in mind.

"There's a lot of people who need food in places like Africa and all over the world and I think if they need it, we should give it to them," Saint Christopher's resident Michael Gunther said.

For most who live and work in the affluent Westchester community, life can feel comfortable and content. Many fail to realize that some neighbors are living at or below the poverty line or that thousands of men, women and children are food insecure.

"We try and teach them that good food is important for everyone," said Colleen Wagner, St. Christopher’s residential director.

The students planted a large vegetable garden, complete with fresh fruits and other vegetables to grow and donate fresh food to people who are less fortunate.

"Good food is expensive. So, this way our good food is being made as cheap as it comes, farm to table," Wagner said.

The organization is planning to donate the food to different countries all over the world where people are suffering from disaster and in need of food.

"Like the hurricane in Puerto Rico, some people lost their life, food, everything. We just want to donate what we can to the people who lost everything," student Nadia Greene said.

The residents at St. Christopher's are hoping to make their first donation of fresh vegetables from their garden before this winter.

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