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Tesla to open Greenburgh dealership, education center

Electric car company submits application for 2 locations in Greenburgh, which would need to be rezoned by town board


Two vacant buildings in the Greenburgh area will soon be converted into a Tesla sales dealership and a delivery and customer education center.

The Fairview Drive property used to be home to a Jeraci Foods warehouse, but according to the town board, becoming a car dealership would require a zoning amendment.

Simone Development Companies purchased the 35,000 square foot space for $5.45 million. If approved by the zoning board, the project could begin as early as next year.

The delivery and customer education center would open about two miles away from the dealership on Tarrytown Road and no additional town approvals would be required for it to open.

Officials like Greenburgh town supervisor Paul Feiner, who gave a statement via his Facebook page say the Tesla dealership will attract more businesses and development in the area:

"Tesla, the electric car manufacturer and dealer has submitted an application for two Greenburgh locations. Our planning department and economic development team are working hard trying to encourage quality businesses to come to Greenburgh and the (Route) 119 business corridor."

Simone Development Companies- a Bronx based real-estate investment business, has already purchased several properties in the area like the Boyce Thompson center in Yonkers, and a Westmed building on Westchester Avenue in the Bronx.

The Tesla proposal comes just after the company's co-founder and CEO Elon Musk got verbal approval to build a high-speed rail system in the northeast, which would create a historic 29-minute train ride from New York City to Washington D.C.

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