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US Global Airways makes Stewart International Airport its European hub

The airline changed its name from Baltia Air Lines after restructure, and hopes to bring more international flights to Hudson Valley

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Everyone was smiling on Thursday, as US Global Airways announced its new name and plans to make Stewart International Airport its new home base for flights to Europe.

"These folks made it very, very easy to want to be here. We felt welcomed,” said US Global Airways President and CEO Tony Koulouris. “We want to be able to give back to the community as well. We want to grow together"

"It’s very easy to fly out here so I think that convenience really makes a big difference especially for the Hudson Valley market," said Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus.

Formerly Baltia Air Lines Inc., the company has restructured in the last year and is hoping the new airline will take off once it receives certification and approval from the FAA.

In Orange County, the move could bring growth for the airport and the local economy, according to Maureen Halahan, the President and CEO of the Orange County Partnership:
"The jobs are a rippling effect if you will in the community so the exact number of executive level and that I don't have that number right now it really depends on the growth.”

Speaking with shareholders prior to Thursday’s press conference, Tony Koulouris acknowledged the company has an uphill battle to get off the ground and move on from the past.

Attendees that spoke with FiOS1 News say there is some risk involved in partnering with a startup company, but are will to support it and feel confident going forward.

"The neighbors welcome it,” added county executive Neuhaus. “We have an over 1000-acre buffer zone and that's to keep the noise down so I think it's a great community. It's going to be a perfect marriage and we welcome them here."

The plan could bring more international flights to Stewart International Airport and the Hudson Valley in the next year.

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