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Valhalla summer camp helps kids overcome obstacles stemming from traumatic brain injury

Children overcome physical disabilities through specialized guidance and care


A unique Valhalla program at the Blythedale Children's Hospital is giving kids the ability to work through disabilities that stem from traumatic brain injuries.

Children aging from five to 10-years-old with decreased use of one of their limbs work with occupational therapists to improve their motor skills.

“To help them improve the use of their hand and particularly using two hands together for bilateral activities in their daily life,” said occupational therapist Kalai Kelly.

Most of the patients have lost the use of their limb for a variety of reasons including a traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy, or a stroke.

During the program, the children work on functional activities like learning how to get dressed.

“We were just timing him on his buttoning of his shirt and just trying to get that number lower and lower” parent Anthony Patore said.

The Patore's say they're amazed at how this summer program has helped their son.

“He's been doing more stuff at home with his right hand, that's where he has the disability but yeah he loves it and he's very proud of the things he's accomplished especially this summer,” Claudia Patore said.

The program started in 2010 and sees about 20 campers a summer.



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