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Valhalla train crash — 3 years later

Ellen Brody was struck and killed by a Metro-North train in 2015 after her SUV got stuck at a railroad crossing


VALHALLA — It's been three years since Ellen Brody's SUV got stuck at a railroad crossing in Valhalla, causing a train crash that killed Brody, along with 5 other passengers on the train and injured another 15.

Brody's family has since filed a lawsuit against the MTA and the town of Mount Pleasant, accusing them of wrongful death and negligence.

"She was in a situation where she was obviously unaware that she was on the tracks," said Allan Brody, Ellen's husband. "So you have to look at it from the point of view of what if you were unaware that you were sitting on a train track?"

Allan Brody says that he believes a traffic light did not turn green on the day of the accident the way it was supposed to when trains are approaching railroad crossings, and that if the light had changed, traffic would have moved and he would not be in mourning.

The National Transportation Safety Board concluded in 2017 that Ellen Brody was responsible for the deadly accident.

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