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Volunteers in Hawthorne prepare to help with Hurricane Harvey storm recovery

Red Cross sending local volunteers to Baton Rouge to help storm victims


Three trucks in Lower Hudson Valley are just two of 300 stationed across the country and in a few days, they'll be among the 150 dedicated to helping people impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

Brian and his wife Linda McMullan are two of four American Red Cross volunteers being sent from Hawthorne to put their all into helping people who have lost everything in Houston.

"There's a sense that we should be giving back to our community and that started locally when we began with the Red Cross and this is just a further extension of that and broadening the scope of where we're needed and doing what we need to do," said Linda.

The category 4 storm made landfall this weekend, leaving behind mass devastation and flooding with more rain still on the way.

Even though the McMullan’s were all smiles before taking off on their trip to Baton Rouge they said they're preparing for the worst.

"We may very well see some serious loss of life but that's not really what we expect to see. You have to tell yourself it may happen but these should just be people that haven't eaten and we're going to be giving them hot meals twice a day for however long it takes, weeks, months," says Brian.

The McMullan's don't know where they'll be or what they'll be distributing, however, their emergency response vehicles are equipped to provide hot meals and supplies to nearly 1,000 people.

The McMullan's are making the trip to Baton Rouge over three days and packed enough for a few months but say they're prepared to stay for as long as their help is needed.



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