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Voters hoping for an end to corruption in Rockland County

Corruption loomed over 3 of the county's biggest races on Election Day


For voters in Rockland County, "corruption' has become a word that is far too familiar for many, and many say they are hoping the recent election will put dirty politics to an end in their communities.

Michael Specht, the current Ramapo Deputy Attorney says that he knows she has a lot to prove, following in the footsteps of Christopher St. Lawrence. Lawrence was brought up on corruption and fraud charges, accused of cooking the town's books to secure millions to build Provident Bank Park. After being convicted, he now is awaiting sentencing.

How do you overcome the distrust that kind of corruption can engender in voters?

"By doing the right thing," Specht said. "By doing our job the right way, being honest, not tolerating improper conduct by anyone associated with the town."

Meanwhile, in Spring Valley, political outsider and Democrat Alan Simon won the race for Mayor of Spring Valley over village trustee Emilia White and Independent candidate Claude Jean Louis.

The former Spring Valley justice has his own history, having been removed from the bench at the Ramapo Justice Court last year, after the State Commission on Judicial Conduct found him guilty of misconduct, which included things like bullying and harassing his staff, fellow judges and village officials.

While Simon says he can he can work with anyone, he will be serving on a village board known for internal fighting and corruption.

Finally, in Clarkstown, Republican George Hoehmann defeated Democrat Mike Sullivan in the race for Clarkstown Supervisor. The pair were already quite familiar with one another, after Hoehmann ousted Sullivan as Chief of Police over corruption allegations.

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