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Westchester County looks to take over Memorial Field renovations

George Latimer says the county is considering suing the city of Mount Vernon for control of the project


MOUNT VERNON - Yet another lawsuit may be added to the controversy over the construction of Memorial Field in Mount Vernon. Westchester County Executive George Latimer says that the county is considering suing the city for control of the project, claiming that the county entered into a municipal agreement with the city 10 years ago and the county has set aside $770,000 for the project which it now wants back.

Construction at the field has been on hold since the city council sued the mayor over the project. The owner of a now-closed tennis bubble has also filed a lawsuit against the city.

"To get ten years without having construction begin is an embarrassment," said Latimer. "I understand different Mayors had different views and they wanted to restructure it but you negotiate with the county. We're your partner in this situation."

Mayor Richard Thomas says he is willing to meet with the County Executive and says the city needs to adhere to environmental guidelines from the Department of Environmental Conservation to clean up the field.

The city may also be facing additional penalties from the state if they aren't able to continue construction soon.

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