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Westchester County Exec. race heating up

State Sen. George Latimer is claiming that incumbent Rob Astorino is inflating job growth numbers


State Sen. George Latimer is challenging Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino for his job, and making the claim that Astorino is inflating job growth in the county.

According to Latimer, Astorino has inflated the county's finances and job growth during his eight years in office, advertising a number that is more than double what Latimer believes it should be.

"The growth factor is 21,000 jobs over the past seven years. I have no reason to doubt their numbers; those are the numbers we use in NYS county by county and region by region. Some parts have lost jobs, and there has been a growth, but it's not as robust as Rob is asserting," Latimer said.

But Astorino says that the 44,000 private sector jobs cannot be argued with, and are based on data provided by the United States Department of Labor. Include Astorino's recent pitch to internet retail giant Amazon to make Westchester home to its newest headquarters, that would create an additional 50,000 jobs in the county.

"He can do the math if he wants, he can try to cherry pick, but ultimately, from 2010 to 2016, the Dept. of Labor says 44,000 new private sector jobs in our county and we know it. The county is moving in the right direction, people know it, we haven't raised their taxes. But he will do anything to throw a smoke bomb so people won't talk about the five years in property taxes that he still has not paid on his second home in Rye," Astorino said.

Latimer and Astorino will face off in a debate on FiOS1 News on Oct. 24 at 6 p.m.

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