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Damage to giant flower basket in White Plains puts spring planting behind schedule

Installation on Armory Place and South Broadway is a neighborhood staple

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What is meant to be a display of beauty has turned into a bit of an eyesore, and now the White Plains Beautification Foundation is unsure what to do next.

On Wednesday, a car bashed into the giant flower plant basket on the traffic median located on Armory Place and South Broadway. The two people in the accident reportedly did not suffer any serious injuries.

With spring fully sprung, the foundation was just getting ready to plant inside the flower basket, which is 20 feet long, nine feet wide and nine feet high. It’s somewhat of a neighborhood institution.

"It's not that easy to call someone up and say 'hey can you please repair our basket?," says Deborah Donahue, president of the White Plains Beautification Foundation. The installation was built about 20 years ago at the cost of $20,000 and took four months to build.

Donahue says they have no timeline on when it will be fixed.

“...Right now, we still don't know. We're going to put a call out to see if anybody has any ideas on how to fix a basket,” Donahue said.

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