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White Plains volunteers remember those who served during 9/11 by giving back

40 nonprofits come together to give people the opportunity to help out in their community


The Westchester County Center in White Plains was packed with people wanting to give back on Monday.

Volunteer New York! hosted a 9/11 Service Weekend event to give people a chance to help at more than 40 Hudson Valley nonprofits, all in one place.

Volunteers say they wanted to remember those who served and came together on 9/11 by giving back.

"Well today is a very special, never forget 9/11 because we had some friends and family part of the disaster and I wanted to give back to them," said David Fajardo of Harrison.

Dariene Sy works for Constellation, an energy company based in Valhalla. She got her co-workers David and Nancy to sign up for the event to help a Yonkers based non-profit called the Afya Foundation.

They collected supplies and now they're busy boxing cleaning and medical supplies for those impacted by Hurricane Harvey in Texas and its personnel, their company had an office in Houston impacted by the storm.

"There were some people displaced. I know if I ever was in such a situation people would do the same for me so second nature is to give back." Sy said.

Other volunteers helped the homeless, children and our troops.

The lacrosse team from Mercy College made cards for the military through the Mahopac non-profit United for the Troops. About five of those cards will go in a care package to military deployed overseas.

Volunteers say they hope people will continue to serve every year on 9/11 to pay it forward.

"Give something back to the people, pay it forward, that's what America is about," Fajardo said.

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