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Yonkers residents hopeful as budget allocates $36 million for schools

Mayor Mike Spano presented a $1.14 billion budget, nearly half of which is going to education

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While nearly half of the budget is dedicated to the Board of Education, this year, an additional $36 million has been allocated to upgrade the infrastructure and equipment in Yonkers schools.

Mayor Mike Spano of Yonkers claimed the city was getting "$35.7 million for school improvements... that includes $5 million for not just textbooks, but for additional equipment."

On Friday, Yonkers residents were pleased to hear their schools may soon see some improvements.

"I don't feel too upset now having a daughter that's going to be school age and she has to enter into Yonkers schools now and knowing that they're not going to be having books from when I was in school. So that makes me quite happy," said Jessica Reid of Yonkers.

Angel Centeno, also of Yonkers, said, "Hopefully it gets better and better for their future. Hopefully, it's brighter."

FiOS1 News even caught up with students, who were the most excited to hear the news.

Randy, a student at Cedar Place, said, "We could get more supplies because in my school and in my classroom and her classroom we don't have that much supplies for the school."

The mayor describes the upcoming budget as lean, meaning there isn't enough money for growth, but just enough to keep things going.

"Right now this budget is fine," said Mayor Spano. "It will provide enough so that we don't have to make any cuts in services to both fire, police, sanitation, and we also put additional money into our schools. Is it all perfect? No. Do we need more money? Obviously, all the time..."

Beyond the classrooms, some say there are other areas in which Yonkers could improve, like Alvin Washington, who said, "Low-income housing, that's what they need. They need low-income housing, they're driving all the low-income people out of Yonkers."

The budget is not set in stone. The Yonkers City Council must review what the mayor proposed and adopt a final budget by June 1.

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