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Westchester medical group offers convenient Sunday mammograms

The WESTMED Medical Group will perform appointment-free mammograms at their Yonkers location

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We’re all busy, but making time for your health is critical.

That’s why WESTMED Medical Group is now performing mammograms on Sundays at their Yonkers location on Market Street in the Ridge Hill Shopping Center

No appointment is necessary, and patients can just walk in after shopping.

"It's very easy, very convenient here,” said Cigdem Dogan of Yonkers. “And there isn't much wait time, but I still get (an) appointment.”

Valerie Miles from the Bronx was happiest about the hours, saying, "That's awesome that they are open on Sundays because most medical places are closed, so it just gives you more options."

"Mammography is the most important screening test for breast cancer," said Doctor Rand Stack, a radiologist with WESTMED.

He says a mammogram can detect breast cancer earlier than any other screening test.

"Mammography is actually able to detect at stage 0, which is before stage 1,” said Dr. Stack. “We can't find it reliable with breast physical exam, or MRI or ultrasound."

Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in women. And that’s why early detection with an annual mammogram could be life-saving.

"The recommendations that save the most lives is a mammogram every year starting at age 40," added Dr. Stack.

Dr. Stack says he’s very excited to be apart of the first practice in Westchester County to offer mammograms on Sundays.

"This is important because I've had patients say to me 'Dr. Stack, I work 5 days a week, I am running around with my kids'. We want women to be able to come even if they have tight schedules," he said.

And the procedure is easy, taking 15 minutes or less. Four photos are taken of your breasts and with some pressure applied.

While Sunday hours are offered in Yonkers from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., WESTMED has four other locations in the county. In Rye, digital mammography is offered.

Dr. Stack claimed one of the most significant advancements in detecting breast cancer is 3D imaging, saying, "We are able to see more detail with digital mammography."

The computer will unpeel layers of the breast tissue digitally to point out any abnormalities to the radiologist.

Dr. Stack says it’s just another innovative tool in helping save lives.



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