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20 NJ Transit buses cancelled throughout state leaving riders scrambling for other options

Agency cited operational issues as the reason in a series of tweets during Wednesday morning commute


After Tuesday’s train cancellations, there were more cancellations Wednesday, only this time on buses.

A major issue adding to recent headaches for New Jersey Transit commuters as buses throughout the state were cancelled Wednesday morning, leaving riders to find their own way or struggle through taking another means of transportation.

It was in a series of back-to-back tweets Wednesday morning that New Jersey Transit cancelled 20 buses citing an operational issue.

The buses cancelled were set to transport commuters locally and to the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan during the morning's rush hour.

One rider FiOS1 News spoke with says the recent commuter crisis hasn't been bad but he feels as if so much focus is being put on train transportation that buses are falling behind.

Another rider says on a day with so many cancellations, she'd rather pay more than deal with the wait.

On Tuesday, New Jersey Transit cancelled several trains due to engineers not showing up for work, but commuters seem to understand, saying the stress of the commuter crisis falls on the shoulders of NJ Transit employees as well.

Buses at Hoboken terminal are now running on time or on minor delays due to other issues. On Twitter, New Jersey Transit has not reported any other cancellations due to operational issues.

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