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Amtrak completes repairs, regular service to resume

Cross-honoring tickets and reduced fair services return to regular prices Saturday morning


Direct service is returning to Penn station, and many of the cross-honoring and reduced fair services will be ending within the next 12 hours. This is especially good news for those on the Morris-Essex line, who experienced the most drastic changes of the summer service schedule.

Friday will mark the last day that the fare chart will be active. Reduced fare service, monthly tickets and weekly fares will return to prices before infrastructure repairs started this summer.

New schedules have also been printed by the transit agency. NJ Transit commuters should know that as of 3 a.m. Saturday, all fare discounts are terminating along with cross-honoring on buses, rail, light rail and PATH trains.

Commuters will only have four days left to cross-honor New Jersey Transit tickets and passes on the New York Waterway ferries. On Tuesday, cross-honoring services will end.

Commuters on the M and E lines will be relieved that Midtown Direct service into and out of New York Penn station will resume with no diversions into Hoboken.

Amtrak officials announced Thursday that the eight weeks’ worth of critical infrastructure repairs are finished. Officials promised to be more aggressive in preventing derailments and repairs that have crippled passengers during this past spring.

"One of the lessons learned from this summer is how to be aggressive going after this type of work,” says Amtrak Chief Operating Officer Scot Naparstek. “We will be aggressive in terms of — if we see something wrong before it should become an issue or if something should derail, we need to take action.”

Amtrak says there's still much more work to be done. Repairs will be taking place through the fall, winter and into next spring. Work will be done during the nighttime and weekend hours.

Amtrak also says more upgrades to concourses at Penn station are also in the works.

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