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Emily GirschSep 10, 2017, 10:43 am

FASTER Act would allow local law enforcement to freeze assets of suspected terrorists

New proposed federal legislation could help combat domestic terrorism, local law enforcement hope it’s approved


In a press conference Saturday, Congressman Josh Gottheimer introduced the 'faster act’.

"We need to make sure that they have every resource to protect our communities and I'm worried about this,” says Gottheimer. “When you see what happened in Boston or Orlando, you realize that you could have threats right here."

The acronym FASTER stands for 'the freezing of assets of suspected terrorists or enemy recruits.'

The legislation will give local law enforcement the ability to freeze bank accounts of suspected terrorists.

"It's an additional step that when we suspect we've found a terrorist, we can freeze their accounts so they don't have the resources to buy new equipment or commit further acts of terror,” says Gottheimer.

Police officials say having this ability could have helped prevent attacks where the terrorist was operating out of New Jersey such as the Chelsea bomber, who planned the attack from Linden.

Gottheimer says he will be promoting the legislation locally, and then it will be voted on by congress within the next couple of weeks.

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