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Family of woman murdered during carjacking donates books to Boys and Girls Club

Shuri Henry’s father: ‘She was ravenous when it came to books’


NEWARK – Shuri Henry was murdered while being carjacked this past Thanksgiving, but as of Thursday her memory lives on at the Shuri Henry Library and Literacy Project. Shuri's family donating hundreds of books they found while cleaning out her home a library which has been set up at the Boys and Girls Club of Newark, a place close to Shuri's heart.

Almost all of the books donated from Shuri's personal library, family and friends explain she had a large collection of books for all ages.

"Shuri was an avid reader, she was ravenous when it came to books, and she read all the time. Sometimes I would just have to take the book out of her hand and say go outside and play because she just loved reading," Darryl Henry said. "My heart is still broken from this incident but I know that something good has happened and will continue to happen in her memory."

CEO Boys and Girls Club of Newark CEO Rodney Fuller said the project inspired the entire community.

"Everyone's inspired, the staff's inspired, the community, the kids, the family, we are grateful to have a library, have an event like this, and hopefully do right by her memory, by her spirit, and inspire kids."

The project was also made possible by the MCJ Amelior Foundation.

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