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Rob Romano Sep 24, 2017, 11:45 am

Wegmans opens in Montvale

Huge crowd descends on newest store of popular supermarket chain


A new supermarket opened this morning in a North Jersey suburb — it aims to create 450 new jobs and is drawing a huge crowd.

The supermarket chain Wegmans has opened in Montvale.

If you walked into the store in Montvale for the opening and you were shopping for fish, a man described by onlookers as “the scallop man” was there to entertain.

Inside the new Wegmans, all the comforts of a supermarket were there such as fresh fruit, a salad bar and readymade cakes.

"Simply wonderful — it’s so clean and beautiful,” says Mary Lee Bartolomeo. “And such nice people…wonderful."

Jordan White says, “I'm just excited — I've been waiting for Wegmans to show up in Jersey. I'm from Rochester, New York. So I'm glad to see Wegmans here."

Employees were also excited as they arrived for work this morning. "I can't wait for the mass craziness — that's gonna be great. I'm looking forward to punching in," says employee Melissa Owens.

As people made their way through the supermarket, many security officers could be seen outside on patrol. Wegmans has paid for at least 14 to be here throughout the day; they will be watching over at least 15,000 cars in this parking lot.

And a town ordinance was originally enacted to prevent campers from being here overnight before the grand opening.

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