Raven SantanaFeb 27, 2018, 6:31 pm

Bergen executive gives State of the County Address

James Tedesco addresses taxes and budgets, but put a specific focus on school safety


HACKENSACK - Bergen County Executive James Tedesco delivered his fourth State of the County Address on Tuesday. The former mayor of Paramus addressed several issues during the speech, but specifically addressed his concerns with guns and the safety of schools.

"Our children need to be safe in places where they live and where they will grow and where they will learn," Tedesco said.

During the speech, Tedesco also spoke about increasing security at local schools, including a new, advanced type of technology to keep students safe.

"In partnership with the Bergen County Sheriff and the Bergen County Prosecutor's Office, we are using the same type of technology used by the U.S. military to make our schools and public facilities safer," Tedesco said. "Using digital mapping and satellites, members of law enforcement and first-responders will be able to access up-to-the-minute information about the emergency scene with details, including the location of fellow responders right on their cell phone."

Tedesco also said he plans to get board members to support an initiative in the county to get elected officials to put together a resolution supporting the movement in Congress to ban military-style weapons and ensure background checks for anyone buying a firearm.

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