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Police: Daughter of former Brick Township Mayor admits to fake insurance claims

Kim E. Bogan has been charged with 2nd-degree theft by deception


Kim E. Bogan, 52, of Brick has pleaded guilty to stealing more than $940K from the township's health insurance program.

"The amount in 2016 was over $200,000," said Brick Township Mayor John Ducey. "It started back in 2007, so over that 11-year-period it was about $941,000. We are self-funded, so therefore that $941K was directly out of the taxpayers' pockets."

Ducey says the theft came to light after a township administrator noticed the unusual amount of claims for the chiropractic services linked a provider in New York who turned out to be Bogan's brother, Glenn Scarpelli.

"The claims were going from the doctor to Horizon. Horizon was then paying them, but because he was out of network there would be an actual check involved, so the check would be sent to Ms. Bogan and Ms. Bogan either cashed the checks or signed them over to her brother."

Scarpelli and his wife, Patricia, jumped to their deaths from the ninth floor of their building in New York City in July.

Both Bogan and Scarpelli are the children of former Brick Township Mayor Joseph Scarpelli, who was sentenced in 2007 for taking bribes in exchange for helping a developer gain approval on construction projects.

Bogan has been charged with second-degree theft by deception. As part of a plea agreement, the state recommended a 5-year prison sentence. She will be sentenced on Jan. 2, and will also be required to pay the $941K in restitution to the township.

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