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Bus ridership down on Day 3 as NJ commuters try new routes to work

More riders were on the NJ Transit bus Monday than there were on Wednesday, a bus driver says


Wednesday is Day 3 of the commuter crisis forcing many to change their schedules and find a new way to get to work. As a result, some are trying out the busses.

There were more commuters on one NJ Transit bus on Monday than there were Tuesday and Wednesday says a bus driver. He says he thinks passengers are trying out different route options to see which one is faster.

The 107 bus in South Orange stops in Irvington and then goes directly to Port Authority in New York.

Meanwhile, the train in South Orange terminates in Hoboken, leaving passengers needing to take a PATTH train into the city.

A bus driver FiOS1 News spoke with says he thinks taking the bus to Port Authority is faster than taking a train to Hoboken and finding another way to the city.

So it looks like many people are still trying out the different options on the new schedule.

All NJ Transit busses are cross-honoring Hoboken rail tickets.

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