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Campaign for NJ governor heats up as election approaches

Democrat Phil Murphy held a campaign event for veterans in Clifton


Democratic candidate for Governor of New Jersey, Phil Murphy, held a town hall-style campaign event in front of dozens of military veterans at the VFW post in Clifton on Wednesday.

Murphy, along with his running mate, Sheila Oliver, brought former Secretary of State John Kerry to campaign with them to help woo service members. Kerry told attendees that Murphy is someone who understands patriotism, and took a shot at President Trump in the process.

"It's about what you do," Kerry said. "It's not about what you say, and it's certainly not what you say in 146 characters in a tweet."

Murphy also continued his attack on Republican nominee Kim Guadagno, continuing to attempt to link her record to current Governor Chris Christie. Murphy said that New Jersey needs a leader who knows how to grow the economy and can solve issues that veterans face everyday.

"The fact of the matter is when you're co-mingling active duties with veterans affairs, it becomes a muddled reality. And I don't know the depth of issues ont he active side as well I do on the veterans side. But I guarantee you the muddle is profound among veterans," Murphy said.

Both candidates say they have a plan as it relates to the state's veterans, and both say they want to focus on issues like healthcare, homelessness and jobs.

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