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Gov. Christie touts infrastructure, transportation trust fund

In his first public appearance since his beach scandal, Governor Christie spoke on a number of transit projects the state is breaking ground on


Governor Chris Christie held a news conference in Gladstone along Route 206 to talk about a number of transit projects the state is set to break ground on.

Christie says people from all over the state will begin seeing road projects funded by the newly-stocked Transportation Trust Fund in the works.

That fund includes the Route 206 Safety Preservation Project. Christie says it will ensure safety and preservation of an 8-mile stretch of Route 206 from Bedminster to Chesterborough.

“These improvements will enhance ride quality, extend the service life of the existing pavement, and save future rehabilitation costs from taxpayers,” said Governor Christie.

According to Christie, what's equally important is that 22,000 motorists who travel this stretch of highway daily have a safer and more pleasant driving experience.

This particular project is a part of a larger $6 million project that includes road improvements to of Route 46 in Warren County and Route 208 in Bergen County.

“These projects are essential to maintaining our economy, our housing market and safety of our roadways,” continued the governor.

Christie touted the state as trendsetters in using the gas tax to fund the transportation trust fund. He says since New Jersey made that move, other states like California and Indiana have followed suit.


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