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Deer trapped on frozen pond nearly endangers rescue crew

First responders' amphibious vehicle, which is used to travel through water and ice, sunk

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A deer trapped on a frozen pond put rescue crews in a dangerous situation and had the people who live in the area concerned.

The deer was trapped in the middle of a Roxbury Township pond. People say they spotted the doe yesterday, called police and watched in fear as the deer was stuck on the ice for more than 20 hours. Some even wanted to take matters into their own hand, according to Roxbury police.

"People in this complex and surrounding area were forming their own rescue plans to go out onto that pond and save the deer themselves," said Marc Palanchi, Chief of the Roxbury Township Police Department.

"Being unable to secure that pond and keep people off it all night, County OEM made a decision to go out with special equipment they have for that type of recovery," he continued.

But the county's rescue mission turned into a terrifying scenario, when their amphibious vehicle, which is used to travel through water and ice, sunk.

"The equipment malfunctioned and went under, to put it simply," added Chief Palanchi. "There were 3 county OEM personnel in there and two Roxbury Fire personnel. The fire personnel were in the proper suits. There was a safety plan put in place before they went out on the ice so they did follow the proper protocols."

Thankfully, those five people were pulled from the frigid pond unharmed. And as for the exhausted deer, she trotted safely to a nearby sidewalk, where she laid down for a few hours.

State fish and wildlife officials then tranquilized the doe, put her on a stretcher and took her to a state wildlife facility, where officials say she will have time to recuperate and be treated for minor abrasions.


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