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Freehold Little League wins US title; loses to Puerto Rico

Team manager says team is first in 14 years to make it to Intermediate World Series


The Garden State is now home to the Intermediate Little League United States champions.

For baseball fans in Freehold, 12 young men are hometown heroes. Just last week the Freehold Township Little League team was on top of the world with back-to-back walk-off wins to take the United States title at the Intermediate Little League World Series.

One of those walk-off wins was thanks to Pat Burns, a soon-to-be high school freshman who said it was the experience, not the title that he's most grateful for.

After a grand slam against Hawaii on Saturday, the team was named United States champions - with one goal ahead: To defeat Puerto Rico in the championship game.

But the season didn't end how the boys wanted it. The group of 13 and 14-year-olds lost 6 to 5 to Puerto Rico in Livermore, California on Sunday night.

Despite the loss, team manager, Jeff Gorman says a Freehold team hasn't made it this far in 14 years before some of his players were even born, putting the team in a league of their own and drawing incredible support from the people who live the community.

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