Jessica OrbonFeb 14, 2018, 7:17 pm

Gun rights advocates criticize Gov. Murphy's plans to sign new gun control bills

New Jersey has some of the nation's toughest gun regulations; critics say new gun control laws will not make the state any safer


RANDOLPH — Gov. Phil Murphy is planning to strengthen New Jersey's already-tough gun laws by signing a new bill that would mandate the reduction of ammunition magazine sizes from 15 bullets to 10.

But critics of the move say that while it may be politically popular, the law will not seriously impact crime rates.

"Any kind of legislation that we've seen, whether it's already in place or proposed, we're going to try to lend a common sense agument to the matter and talk about realistic solutions," said Rick Friedman, CEO of RTSP Shooting Range and Training Center in Randolph, "like mental health and information sharing between the state and federal authorities."

Murphy held a roundtable discussion on Tuesday in Cherry Hill where he announced he would be signing the ammunition regulation bill into law. However, Friedman says that once a criminal has a gun, a limit on how many bullets is in the weapon utlimately will not matter.

"When you try to reduce what a law-abiding citizen puts in a gun, a 10-round magazine compared to a 15-round magazine, these are feel-good laws, but they're not going to affect any criminal," Friedman said.

The ammunition bill is just the first of a series of gun control bills Gov. Murphy plans to sign into law, including background check requirements for private gun sales and a ban on armor piercing ammunition.

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