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Demarest Farms gets green light for 200 additional parking spots come the fall

Popular Hillsdale business also seeking to overturn ban that prevents parking in nearby streets during peak season


A decision from the Borough of Hillsdale is going to allow Demarest Farms to rent parking spots downtown for 90 cents for 18 weekend days until Halloween.

After months of fighting with the borough over parking, owner Jason DeGise says he is happy with the decision.

"Look, every little bit helps put the whole puzzle together. So every piece that we get completes the puzzle so our customers when they come to Demarest Farms have the best experience they can have," DeGise says.

The new decision will add 200 parking spots, doubling the 215 the popular business has on site. But the problem isn't solved yet.

The farm estimates they need more than 1,200 spots during apple and pumpkin picking seasons.

Right now Demarest Farms is fighting to get a ban overturned that prevents its customers from parking on nearby streets. DeGise says he and his partner are working on a new plan that could allow cars to park nearby during five peak days each year.

"I think the town is very lucky to have a historical destination. I think we can certainly both put up with each other for five days a year," DeGise says.

Neighbors on Bedford Road and many other streets say the high volume of cars is sometimes a nuisance.

A public meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 15 to discuss the parking ban.

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