Emily GirschOct 18, 2017, 8:42 pm

Hoboken given grant to study feasibility of new power grid

A microgrid would allow the city to create a backup energy source for critical facilities in the case of emergencies


After the flooding and devastation left behind by Superstorm Sandy, state and local government officials in New Jersey have been studying different ways to make sure the Garden State is never put in that situation again.

On Wednesday, New Jersey Board of Public Utilities President Richard Mroz joined Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer to discuss building a microgrid in Hoboken.

A microgrid is a localized group of electricity sources that normally connects with a centralized electrical grid, but can be disconnected and function autonomously.

Zimmer said that work had already been one on the Washington Street Project to create a conduit and make it easy to link a microgrid fiber, creating a back-up energy source int eh event that the city loses electricity.

"This type of system would provide additional resiliency and redundancy," Zimmer said.

Officials say they expect the study to be completed by the summer of 2018.

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