Lyndsay ChristianJul 27, 2016, 11:06 amJul 27, 2016, 2:19 pm

Controversial downtown Jersey City Monopoly street art painted over

Police criticized depiction of officer as a pig and some argued dark-skinned character portrayed negative stereotype

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A Jersey City-inspired street painting of the Monopoly board game located on the Newark Avenue pedestrian plaza has now been painted over after it received backlash from the police union and some residents.

Artist Gary Wynans painted the 33-foot, Jersey City-themed Monopoly board after it was commissioned by the city. But people have taken issue with it on more than one occasion.

First, the police union criticized the city for hiring Wynans, who painted a pig dressed as a police officer. Then, some residents argued that the character in the "Go to Jail" square looked like a dark-skinned person behind bars and portrayed a negative stereotype of people of color.

City workers have since painted over the piece, which was reportedly never meant to be a permanent part of the pedestrian plaza.

Reports also say the city will implement a new board to review all murals in advance.

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