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Jersey City residents protest as property taxes skyrocket

Property taxes saw significant increases after the city conducted its first complete property re-evaluation since 1988


JERSEY CITY — Property taxes have become a hot topic in Jersey City after the city conducted its first complete property re-evaluation since 1988, and some residents say the increases are far too steep.

"We have seen increases that are unconscionable," said Marie Borrelli, a homeowner in the city.

In Borrelli's case, a recent property assessment means that instead of paying $16,000 in property taxes, the estimated property taxes on her home would rise all the way to $41,000.

Borrelli, who has lived in her brownstone for 27 years, says that her property was re-evaluated at over $2.5 million, a number she believes is wrong.

"We want the re-evaluation to be fair. It's not," Borrelli said.

Borrelli is not alone in her plight, as other homeowners in the city are facing thousands of dollars of estimated additional property tax. In response, those homeowners held a rally on Saturday outside of city hall to protest the increases.

"My mother-in-law who's lived here for 50 years, raised six children here, who's 90 and has dementia, her home is not worth — they say — $1.8 million, and her taxes went up from $10,000 to $30,000," said Christina Szpala. "Where is she going to get that money?"

Protesters at Saturday's rally told FiOS1 News that they will continue to fight for a fair evaluation.

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