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Jersey City students are 'Hope Rising' for victims of natural disasters

400 students in the city's public schools are part of a fundraising challenge focusing on generating ideas to respond to natural disasters


JERSEY CITY — Four hundred students in Jersey City's public schools are raising awareness and funds through a STEM challenge that focuses on designing a levy by using recycled materials to protect structures from flooding and/or flood damage. The idea is in response to the recent hurricanes that have left parts of the United Sates and the Caribbean devastated.

"They have to be able to understand weather and erosion and weather patterns. So, we wanted to take part of the curriculum and use it for them to become global citizens and to be aware of what's happening around them," said Darrell Carson, Science Supervisor at Jersey City schools.

Staff and students also plan to raise funds by having faculty and residents donate money in an effort to support heir design initiative. Students have a goal of $10,000 to raise, which will then be given to the Salvation Army for hurricane relief.

The students, who are still in the beginning stages of their levy designs, will showcase their projects on Dec. 4.

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