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Enzo DomingoMay 18, 2017, 6:46 pmMay 19, 2017, 7:53 am

Judge issues restraining order against Ramapough Lenape Nation

The restraining order is part of a legal conflict between the tribe and the town of Mahwah over zoning violations

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Zoning issue brings Mahwah, Ramapough Lenape Nation into conflict 

Things are not as serene as they appear with the Ramapough Lenape Nation after a judge signed a restraining order against the tribe earlier this week. The order would bar tribe members from entering their teepees, along with prohibiting ceremonies and meetings on the lands.

The tribe has recently come into legal conflict with the town of Mahwah over zoning violations due to the construction of what the town has deemed “permanent structures.”

Tribe members say that the Ramapough Lenape Nation has inhabited the 14 acres they currently occupy for generations, and are concerned that the town may misinterpret the ruling in a way that could lead to forcing them to leave the land.

Mahwah Mayor Bill LaForet says that the tribe has built structures like teepees and totems without permits, and the town is taking the case to the state Superior Court. However, the tribe believes that they are being forced to levae because their land sits right next to a polo club.

Mayor LaForet says that the township is treating the case the same way they would with any other resident committing zoning violations.

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