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Postal carriers receive Million Mile Award for longstanding service

National Safety Council recognize postal workers who have gone at least 30 years without a collision


EDISON – Thirteen postal carriers received the National Safety Council's Million Mile Award to represent the distance they have been a driver for more than 30 years at the United States Postal Service without getting into an accident.

“They have shown dedication to the company and the public for safety," post master Haroon Malik said.

Postal carrier Michael Matula received an award for over 40 years of driving without an accident and gave advice for staying safe on the road.

"No distracted driving. I don't have a smartphone; I have a dumb phone. So, there's no chance of me doing anything like that," Matula said.

Matula said he has seen families grow up during his time in the service.

"I’ve seen families where their kids are born and when they graduate from college, I’m still their letter carrier," Matula said.

For Maryellen Boyle, the people she works with are the best thing about the job — a position she took 32 and a half years ago and didn't originally plan to keep. The Million Mile Award symbolizes the end of her road with the postal service; she will be retiring next month.

“We make friends here, we're friends. People help each other, and that's awesome," Boyle said. "I’m going to miss my friends, I’m going to miss them terribly as a matter of fact, but I’ll keep in touch.”

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