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Rep. Pallone: 'Surprised' that federal agencies were not mobile friendly

President Trump signs the Connected Government Act into law law


MATAWAN — A local congressman is looking to make applying for loans and scholarships easier for students by launching government websites into the digital age. It’s an initiative that started six years ago during Hurricane Sandy and now has become an important part of higher education for students. School counselors, teachers, and students at Old Bridge High School met with Congressman Frank Pallone Monday to discuss the Connected Government Act.

"When Sandy occurred and in the aftermath, a lot of people didn't have computers; they were destroyed and so people depended heavily on their mobile devices and, of course, they [had] to apply for FEMA grants and everything to get back on their feet," said the New Jersey congressman.

When Pallone realized most government websites weren't easily accessible on a mobile device, he started drafting the legislation. The Connected Government Act will launch a mobile site for all government websites, something students at Old Bridge High School say they need when applying for government scholarships and loans.

"That's amazing, if we could do that on our phones and if we have access to that instead of having to find a desktop because I know a lot of people don't have them at home,” said Old Bridge High School senior Susan Silverman. “If we can do that on our phone, that's a wonderful idea."

The Connected Government Act has now been signed into law by President Trump. Congressman Pallone says within the next six months all government will have full mobile sites.

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