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New Brunswick releases abandoned properties list

Residents feel that abandoned buildings are a cesspool for homelessness, crime


NEW BRUNSWICK – New Brunswick has released an abandoned properties list to keep track of properties that may slide into lengthy periods of vacancy or arrears. If a property is unoccupied for at least six months and the owner has failed to rehabilitate it or has missed at least one property tax payment, it becomes the city's responsibility. The city then must classify the property as abandoned and begin the legal steps to take ownership of it.

Since June 2017, an estimated 110 properties have been placed on an unpublished vacant properties registration list, according to the city website. Of the properties listed, 40 have re-housed tenants or entered rehabilitation. The remaining 70 registered vacant properties are facing the various stages of the foreclosure.The city said owners of the properties have been notified by certified mail.

Residents feel the homeless population and the crime rate is also increasing.

"Abandoned house, there's always a cesspool of crimes: drugs, gang-related stuff, robberies, like stuff like that. So, I can understand why there is a concern in the first place," student Alex Choi said.

City officials plan to update the list every six months, to be posted online and published in local newspapers.

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