Jessica OrbonFeb 5, 2018, 8:49 pm

Tree brings down wires, causes power outages and vehicle damage

South River Electric says it will take a few hours before power is restored


SOUTH RIVER — A tree fell and took power lines down with it, leaving multiple cars damaged and residents without power on Chestnut Street on Monday morning before 10:30 a.m. Crews from South River Electric flooded the street to clean up much of the damage, but as the hours passed service was never restored to the two homes on the block that had their power cut.

"I thought it was just my house but someone else told me their power was off too,” said South River resident Gabriella Zavalla. “I tried to turn the lights on, but nothing happened."

Zavalla said she came home hours after the tree had fallen and was in the dark, not knowing why she was without power. She said she was never contacted or told about the tree or how long her power would be off.

"I didn't know a tree fell in the first place," she said.

When the tree fell, it bent Zavella’s next-door neighbor's power line, which led to crews cutting his power and leaving frayed wires sticking out from the roof of his house. Now, the two homes don't know when their service will be restored.

According to South River Electric, it will take a few hours for service to be restored.

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