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Activists in Newark’s South Ward ‘Walk The Walk’

Volunteers discuss problems plaguing the city


NEWARK – A number of activists in Newark’s South Ward attended an event called “Walk The Walk”, going door to door on Saturday, to discuss a number of problems plaguing the city and to address the controversy surrounding the city's public education system.

The activists wore yellow shirts and talked about issues such as low voter turnout and violence in the city of Newark.

"We want to make sure that the community is informed," South Ward Republican Chairman Douglas Freeman said.

Volunteers attended a community meeting at the New Canaan Baptist Church regarding Maple Avenue School, which is a former school in the Southward being rebuilt into apartments.

"After every election, accountability starts," activist Munirah El-Bomani said.

"How dare you impose that whether it is charter, public, or whatever, they have the right to leave there home and walk to their school," Newark Renae Brooks said.

Volunteers asked questions about a series of topics from term limits for elected officials to the quality of life. reports that a plan was approved in 2016, which allowed Newark to sell 12 old school buildings to the city's housing authority to cut costs.

Former candidate for South Ward Councilman Terrance Bankston is against the selloff but is willing to hear the side of the developer.

"We also want to talk to them about the crime that is constantly on the rise here in the South Ward," Bankston said. "We are here to see what their plan is, we know they are going to turn it into a condo-- what we want to see is how the community going to benefit from that."

FiOS1 News was told this group of activists will be taking to the streets in the South Ward for another 10 weeks.

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